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Cancer chemotherapy iduced anemia

EH-201 accelerates the recovery from anemia and renal function in cisplatin-induced nephropathy in mice.
Adapted from British J.of Pharmacology, 169: 1461, 2013.
Global market for chemotherapy induced Anemia
Xconomy August 5, 2011
The worldwide market for anemia drugs generates more than $10 billion in sales each year, for patients with various states of kidney disease, and cancer patients who get anemic from chemotherapy. Amgen’s drugs are genetically engineered erythropoietin that stimulates the production of red blood cells. One product is primarily designed for treating patients who are on kidney dialysis (Epogen), while the other (Aranesp) is a longer-lasting form that requires fewer injections, and is positioned for patients with less severe kidney disease and the chemotherapy-induced anemia.
The Lancet 373: 1532, 2009
Treatment with erythropoiesis-stimulating agents in patients with cancer increased mortality during active study periods and worsened overall survival.
Dublin(Buisiness Wire)August 10, 2016
Chemotherapy Induced Anemia Market is Expected to Grow Marginally Due to a Lack of Novel Therapies.
Expert Opinions in Investigational Drugs 2017
Activin receptor ligand traps luspatercept, drugs targeting ineffective late stage erythropoiesis for thalassemia, showed encouraging results in Phase I and II clinical trials. (Acceleron & Celgene)
Advantage of AH-301-CCA :
AH-301-CCA can use in chemotherapy induced anemia as endogenous EPO inducer.
AH-301-CCA can use in chemotherapy induced leukopenia.
Endogenous EPO inducer display different mechanism between cancer cells and normal cells.
AH-301-CCA might replace EPO & GM-CSF therapeutic for patients during cancer chemotherapy.
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