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AcaHealth company focus on human experienced medicine-based drug discovery & development, aiming for unmet medical need especially aging related diseases such as chronic heart failure, chronic kidney disease, dry eye, neurodegenerative diseases, macular degeneration or insomnia.
US FDA approved AH-101-CVD for clinical trial(Chronic Heart Failure) in 2020 Jan.

Taiwan FDA approved AH-101-CVD for clinical trial(Chronic Heart Failure) in 2020 Oct.

We are on-going phase 1 clinical trial in Taipei Medical University Hospitals in 2021 July.



Traditional Chinese medicine- inspired approaches to drug discovery:

In Western medicine, drug development usually focuses on inhibition rationale. Chinese medicinal herbs and formulas have been used in the treatment of diseases for more than 2000 years in China. A long history of use and extensive documentation of the clinical practices of traditional Chinese medicine resulted in a considerable number of classical preparations, which are still widely used. This heritage of our ancestors provides a unique resource for drug discovery. We build up an electro-data base for 700 kinds of Chinese medicinal books to search and mining these valuable information for drug discovery, especially by activation rationale.



EPO inducers as a major activation rationale for ani-aging Chinese herbs

Aging is a natural phenomenon that occurs in all living organisms. In humans, aging is associated with lowered overall functioning and increased mortality out of the risk for various age-related diseases. There were many anti-aging herbs recorded in our traditional medicinal books. Our company focused on validating the active ingredients in these anti-aging herbs, and found that EPO(erythropoietin) inducers as a major player in its anti-aging effect. EPO was used in anemia for patients of dialysis kidney disease and chemotherapy. However, we rediscovered endogenous EPO play a pivotal role to protect all kinds of stress including aging, chemical, physical and metabolic damage against our cells, organ and body in aging process beyond its hematopoietic role in anemia. EPO-inducers existed in these anti-aging Chinese herbs might as fountain of youth to develop regenerative drug for many aging related diseases including chronic heart failure, dry eye, chronic kidney disease, neurodegenerative diseases, COPD, macular degeneration or insomnia.



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